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Philly White

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Phil White

Hello beautiful, diverse and freaky fair family! I’m Philly White, aka "Flave" on fair property. After considerable contemplation I am ready to commit to serving among our dedicated Board of Directors to help protect and preserve our unique event. I have attended fair since 1982 and have been a working volunteer and performer since 1985 when I started working construction with Ed Moy.

I became the Mechanic for 5 years, helped create the Junk Yard Dogs, then moved into operations with the Big Boys for 23 years where I currently act as coordinator and spiritual leader. I perform on multiple stages annually but with my radio on, of course. As a young boy, the OCF infused me with the responsibility to protect core values of social and ecological justice, respect for all people and lands, a hard work ethic with a heavy side dose of playfulness in a place we can be open, enhanced, and vulnerable. I love being on call 24 hours a day with Big Boys working directly with Fair Central, Staff, BUMs, Lane County Sheriff, and White Bird to de-escalate and facilitate resolution with extreme personal and medical incidents. We’re really good at giving hugs too.

This is a crucial time for our event – let’s not parallel the hate and divisiveness occurring outside our community, but instead champion the relentlessness of our amazing OCF family that birthed the blueprint for how to sustain an unsurpassed multi-generational festival where our children become our leaders and teachers. I have no personal agenda or specific running points, I can only promise that I will be at your service reviewing issues while maintaining there is no “us and them”. Dig it.

This is our family, this is our fair. I'm with all of you for all time. Love you, Philly Flave