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Laurel Goerger

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Laurel Goerger
(541) 520-3376

Hello Fellow Members,

My name is Laurel Goerger and I’m asking for your vote to serve on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Country Fair.

If given the opportunity to serve I’ll prioritize working with the board to continue moving towards more reasonable amplified sound policy that hopefully in the future can deal more with the impact of sound than the way it’s produced, supporting the work that’s being done towards long term financial planning and hopefully empowering crews to be able to make longer term plans as well, and making sure that any policy that impacts volunteers is understood by and made with the best interests of volunteers at heart.

My regular attendance at board meetings for the last few years and more recent regular attendance at Path Planning, LUMP, and Community Center Committee meetings; as well as my experience throughout the last 7 years working closely with different coordinators on my own crew, coordinators of other Main Camp and during-the-event crews, and numerous volunteers to feed our family, facilitate the transition of the kitchens from PFK to Hospitality and other operational crews, and throw volunteer appreciation parties has helped me understand just how much work and effort goes into making all of this happen. I’d be honored for your vote to help on the policy side by being responsive to the needs of and communicating clearly with membership; creating and shaping policy that keeps the best interests of the nonprofit and the volunteers, staff, vendors, and attendees that make our essential event possible at heart; and doing so with a spirit of service and joy.

Thank you for your time and please contact me if there’s any issue you’d like to discuss further. I hope to earn your vote in October.