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Justin Honea

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Justin Honea

Vote for Justin!

I am Justin Honea and I am writing this letter of intent to ask for your vote for the 2017 Oregon Country Fair Board of Directors Election. I am currently a BOD member, and Booth Reg. Coordinator, and am seeking a second term. I am honored to have served and look forward to continuing to work on the numerous issuing facing our organization.

As I look back on my first term, it has been very tough at times, as well as many very proud moments. We are as an organization, in the middle of much change, and introspection, as we approach our 50th anniversary. It is a pivotal time, for potential and current BOD members to have the skill sets and vision, to guide us through these times. We need people with shovels willing to plant the crops to set up our farm to grow for many years to come. We need good people, with energy, understanding, skill sets, and vison to come forward, and serve on the BOD, Committee’s, and as Coordinators.

It is important to develop our networking, database and surveying of our family to understand the larger opinions, and increase transparency. As we face issues of land use, diversity, cultural appropriation, community center, advocacy, growth, security, fireworks, barter fair, story pole, infrastructure, technology, amplified sound, parking, etc. It is imperative that we work with members as we make these decisions. We are a world class event! We are family! Dig In!

I believe that I have the vision and understanding, and skill sets to be an asset to the BOD. I hope you agree and will give me your vote to help guide our family as one of your Board of Directors.

Make your vote Count!