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Jon Silvermoon

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Jon Silvermoon
PO Box 5067, Eugene, OR 97405

Background: Fair since 1974, Community Village Council, Dog Control Co-Coordinator, Board 1981-83, 2008-12, 2013-17. Financial Planning, Personnel, Community Center, Land Use Management Planning Committees, Diversity Task Force. Operations Director Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah. Blues promoter (Vipertoons Productions), band leader (The Vipers), gardener.

If honored by the membership with another term, I will continue to address on-going issues as well as new challenges that have arisen over the last few years. I will work to

• Right-size our staff both in terms of number and workload to avoid burnout and foster retention.
• Add staff capacity for financial administration, land use/zoning, project management, and IT.
• Retain and enhance the Fair’s essential qualities as we navigate a changing and increasingly difficult regulatory land use environment.
• Emphasize being good neighbors and land stewards.
• Address growth without burdening participants with increased costs or closing ourselves to new people.
• Build an affordable, appropriate-sized upland kitchen and eating/meeting area that won’t drain our financial and staff resources.
•Continue dialogue with native peoples and Fair Family about cultural appropriation and its relationship to freedom of artistic expression.
• Live stream Board and committee meetings so that members who don’t live in Eugene can participate; improve our online presence and access to information.
• Wean the Fair off fossil fuels and expand use of alternative energy and earth-friendly appropriate technologies.
• Improve infrastructure including showers, toilet facilities, Wi-Fi, adequate alter-abled and elder parking, and on and off-site, day and night shuttles.
• Increase philanthropy, focusing on our educational purpose.
• Support entertainers with fair compensation.
• Support community and performing arts centers and explore bringing programming to rural and urban communities.
• Involve more of the Fair Family in visioning and setting strategic goals for our next fifty years.
• Assist people in navigating the Fair’s bureaucracy so that issues they may have are addressed.