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Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer

Dear Fair Family,

My name is Ellen Singer, and I have served on the Oregon Country Fair Information Crew since 1996, after several years as a daytime visitor. I consider the Fair an important part of my life, and I deeply appreciate our caring community. Together, we can do great things.

As a country, we value our rights and freedoms. As a community of artists, craftspeople and cultural creatives, we cherish our freedom of expression, especially artistic expression. For this reason, I disagree with the OCF board’s position with regard to the Story Pole, an original work of art created in memory of tragically deceased members of our beloved Fair Family. The production of this piece has been a fascinating process to witness.

Artworks inherently reflect and build upon history and culture, including the cultures of people other than the artists themselves. This is not "cultural appropriation," nor does it seek to disrespect or precisely replicate the art of another culture; this is just the basic nature of art. If the Fair’s rationale were applied to all the artworks and handcrafted items sold or displayed at our essential event, most of them would be prohibited. As a matter of consideration, we should always avoid intentionally causing offense, but allowing veto power over artistic expression is censorship, which flies in the face of freedom and annihilates art.

I have visited art museums around the globe, and have observed that the most revered artworks now considered timeless masterpieces were subjects of controversy when originally created.

Regretfully, I will not be available to attend either the Candidate Forum or the Annual Meeting due to prior commitments, but I will be happy to respond to email inquiries, so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Peace and Love,