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Diane Albino

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Diane Albino

Dear Fair Family,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your board member. Thank you for supporting me. As we approach our 50 year anniversary I am gratified to see that so much of what we stand for has become mainstream: farmers markets, organic food, street fairs, crafters, alternative education. We hoped for legalized marijuana, the acceptance of people across the sexual spectrum. We thought that racism would be a thing of the past but we see that we must continue that work during these strange political times. We need the values of the sixties now more than ever.

I want to see the Fair establish a long range planning committee. It is not enough to plan for our fiftieth fair. We must plan for 5 and 10 years and beyond. We need a larger picture of our land use, our fair family population, and fair-going public. We need to prioritize where we spend our valuable resources of money, staff and volunteers. We must meet the needs of our elders and youth. We need a place for dub step and acoustic music. We need a barter fair, for it supports diversity and alternative lifestyles. We need to work with local native tribes to find ways to honor those who used this land for centuries before we got here. We need to find the balance between freedom of artistic expression and respect for all peoples. We need to overcome any divisiveness that exists and recognize that we are all part of the OCF Fair Family and must stand strong together. I serve on the Personnel and Elders Committees, and the Diversity Task Force. I am on the Community Village Council. I have 45 years at the Fair and am a part of a three generation Fair family.