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Casey Marks-Fife

Casey Marks-Fife

Greetings. Once again I submit my candidacy to serve on the board of directors.

For those of you who know me you know I love the fair and strive to see it reach its increasingly high potential. We are more than a party or event. We are a community leader and an ideal for a better world. We recognize it is more important than ever to invest locally and protect one another. Protect diversity. Protect individuality. Protect civil rights. If there is power in numbers than we are powerful. Let us be a model for what we want a kind and sustainable world to be.

Many of you have heard I'm moving to Hawaii. To clarify, my partner teaches there and I do some commuting, however I am rooted in Eugene and would be honored to sit another term on the board.

My time on the board has only furthered my admiration for the membership. Committee members and vendors, entertainers and artists, crew members and coordinators, you all make the fair what it is. An effective community member values relationships and good communication. I make an effort to be as available as i can to those in the family who desire the ear of a board member. As a board it should be our charter to listen and advocate fairly for our members.

It is very encouraging to see so many fresh faces desiring to participate at the board level. It has always been my position that the best thing any of us can do for this family is to get involved and to give the gifts of time, thought, and energy.

It would be my privilege to serve you all again and put my best efforts into the issues we face as an organization. I enjoy the work.

Sincerely, Casey Marks-Fife